The Kinks

November 2, 2014

Things are coming together– maybe not as smoothly as we had hoped, but that was to be expected. I’m sitting here hacking up my right lung and perhaps using this keyboard as a way to get my words out since I have no voice left to speak. Of course I shared the sickness with Matt, but he seems to not be hit quite as hard. Other than our health holding us up, all the little things on the bus are taking more time than we thought. Once we work through an issue another one takes its place. We’ve found that it’s difficult to lift the pop-top with the roof box mounted, even when it’s empty.  And after solving that problem, we are still waiting on our stove to get here– which means we could be bumming at the parents for another night or two while we finish installing it. As the list of things to do gets smaller, we can see an end in sight. Or beginning, depending on how you look at it.

Today before Matt started one of his last days of work for, we went on a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Anytime I get into the bus I feel like I’m setting out to do something epic. Though it may have to do with the fact that we drive much slower than most of the cars out there, I swear the bus slows down time. The canyon was dusted in snow which made us both psyched about the awesome winter ahead. A couple more weeks of working out the major kinks, and I think we will feel settled into the bus life.

4 thoughts on “The Kinks

  1. It’s so true. A trip in the bus is like a new adventure all over again. Epic. Looks like you have been all over the place. We are looking forward to our first adventure (not the adventures we are having while it sits in the garage). Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hahaha so true there is a saying about “island time” and I put that to ” bus time” like you guys climb I whitewater kayak and it has a subculture. I have to tell my paddling buddies I’m taking the bus so I’m on bus time. If I make it to the river I paddle with them if not then its an bus adventure lol


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