Sugar Magnolia

bus bus (1 of 1)

Six months have gone by since we began this bus life journey– it’s hard to believe that so much time has passed. Matt and I are apart now for the first time in all those months. He had an opportunity to climb Denali in Alaska and we couldn’t pass it up. He’ll be gone 5 weeks and I’ll be living solo in the bus. I love that Matt and I can be together 24/7 for months on end and not get sick of each other, but its also nice to have my own space to think and breath and be. Of course I miss him, but there is a lot that I want to work on and I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so. My only contact with Matt is a text every few days updating me and the other families of the progress that is being made on the mountain. As of right now he is waiting out a big storm, and we are all sending them good vibes that this journey will be a success.

kathyclimb (1 of 1)

We made a little trip to Indian Creek as kind of a last hurrah for Matt and I before he left for Alaska. While we were driving down, the bus started chugging a little. We were a little concerned, but rather than turning around, we decided to climb for a few days and enjoy the time we had. Luckily while we were climbing we met Forrest, a badass arctic ship captain who spent one month on his ship and the next traveling across the west in his trailer. He had owned several VW buses in his lifetime and knew a thing or two about fixing them up. We spent the day climbing with him and later that afternoon he helped us replace a few parts in the engine so that we could make it home. It was one of those million dollar experiences where we were able to share a great moment with another human. Who knows if we will ever cross paths with Forrest again, but he sure did make an impression on our lives.

When we were driving away from the repairs, it finally dawned on us what our sweet and sometimes cranky little bus is named: Magnolia. I never thought that she had a name– calling her ‘Bus Bus’ had always seemed right. But I feel like we had spent enough intimate time together that she finally let us know what her true name has always been. Now its down to me and her and all the great people who care to be a part of my life. I’ve already been on one trip with some of the best ladies to explore the San Rafael Swell, and I am grateful for everyone else who has offered up their homes and invited me to climb and camp with them. I am truly blessed to have all these wonderful people in my life.

Keep sending your good vibes to Matt and his climbing partners!

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