The reality of what is about to happen hasn’t hit me yet. It’s been weeks of chaos putting the finishing touches on the bus and deciding what things to keep with us and what to send to storage. We are selling our perfect little Subaru tomorrow and making the official move on Thursday. And when I think about it all, I am torn between the reality that this grand adventure is about to start, and wanting to stay in the comforting arms of stability. I don’t do well with change. Yet here I am with my entire world turning upside down- into the world of Never-Never Land. Am I really capable of letting go of the things I always thought were the right steps to take in life? Start a career. Buy a house. Build a family. Matt and I have thought a lot about this decision, and our conclusion is that our highest priority goals require a great deal of time and dedication. In our minds, Moving into the bus and chasing those dreams is the most responsible choice. Making time for the mountains- fresh air and high places. Opening our lives to new opportunities and new people. We’ve only begun to realize what amazing things can happen when you find yourself in the right place at the right time.


2 thoughts on “Grown-Ups

  1. Wish you guys well on your journey. We are at about the same point, been preparing and gathering since June. Not in a VW this time but I have owned a few vw bus’ in my time, my favorite was a 64 camper splitty. This time its a dodge conversion … not quite the same as being in the V dub….but anxious to go ….we’ll be blogging our trip…. check it out


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