Meet Becket, Our New Tiny House on Wheels

Here he is– no whistles or bells. Magnolia’s replacement. I’ve been fighting to accept the reality of giving up our beautiful VW bus for something so sterile, but we’ve been driving Becket around for the past few weeks, and I’m realizing that for what we do, he is going to be a better option than … More Meet Becket, Our New Tiny House on Wheels

Faux Pho

When Matt and I got married I was sure to let him know beforehand that I am not a cook– not that I can’t cook, I just never really enjoyed it. The first two years of our marriage he did most of the cooking, but after we moved into the van I had a shift … More Faux Pho

The New Year

It’s hard to not feel sentimental at the start of the new year. It’s a time when I get to reflect on who I am and what I have accomplished in order to set new goals for myself. I decided to start 2015, the year of The Bus Life, by quitting my job at Color Me Mine, … More The New Year

The Kimberly Stove

Wonderful cold winter has made it to Utah! I say that with sincere enthusiasm while cozied up next to our little wood burning stove after my first ski tour. Our wet clothes are hung up to dry and I’m stripped down to my base layers. It’s only 8 degrees outside, but we’re toasty warm inside … More The Kimberly Stove

The Kinks

Things are coming together– maybe not as smoothly as we had hoped, but that was to be expected. I’m sitting here hacking up my right lung and perhaps using this keyboard as a way to get my words out since I have no voice left to speak. Of course I shared the sickness with Matt, … More The Kinks


The reality of what is about to happen hasn’t hit me yet. It’s been weeks of chaos putting the finishing touches on the bus and deciding what things to keep with us and what to send to storage. We are selling our perfect little Subaru tomorrow and making the official move on Thursday. And when … More Grown-Ups

The Beginning

This picture is where it all started—where I fell in love with a noble fared, long-haired leaping gnome. Nearly three years since our first simple trip to the desert, a wedding and graduations and too many adventures to count have been part of our journey. But in November we start something new—the bus life—a year of … More The Beginning